Who can benefit ?

This bodywork can benefit people who:

  • Are looking for a way to reduce chronic pains
    like headache, migraine, back pain, asthma etc.
  • Suffering from signs of physical imbalances
    like insomnia, tiredness & fatigue , feeling “down”, anxiety attacks, rage attacks etc.
  • Want to change or stop a specific behavior
    like not being able to say “no”, constant fear of failing, not knowing what to do, excessive shyness, victimizing himself/herself, having the ‘disease to please’.
  • Want to increase their possibilities through their body
    actors, singers, dancers, musicians, or anybody who uses his/her body in their passion or profession, and wants to broaden their abilities and increase the quality of their work,
    sportsmen and –women wishing to improve their performance physically and emotionally.
  • Are looking for another way to deal with traumatic experiences
    – like accidents, operations, violations, abuse, loss of a loved one – and want to integrate it into their life.

Central to my work is the mutual acknowledgement and appreciation of the clients capabilities and his responsibility for his life and progress in this method.

As partners we work together to find means to improve the client’s well-being.

Note: This work is no substitution for medical treatments of any kind. It can be used as a complement to treatment.