My way of working

The main emphasis in my practice is on physical experience rather than on theoretical understanding.

The first session starts with a sort of  intake, in which we talk about your reasons for coming,  about your history and situation.

From there we describe and discuss patterns and their physical expressions in the body. Connections between physical symptoms, personal history, different behaviors and patterns will be clarified and we will discuss your needs and questions.

As a summary we formulate your desired changes, the aim for your learning process.
Work is done on a regular basis – a 1 hour session usually once per week.

In the beginning we will work mostly in a laying position on a massage table.  Ideally you are in your underwear or – in case of initial uneasiness – wearing comfortable, loose clothing.

We are going to train your body-awareness. I will show you new doors, but you have to walk through it.
With your active participation and the use of breath and touch, the training of attention, movement exercises and “description tools” you will learn about your body and the connection with your patterns.
Part of that learning process includes working with your “physical memory” – the way your body experienced and remembers certain situations in your own history, and the patterns and conclusions you developed from them.

Fear and Pain – both physical and emotional – are usually common subjects addressed in a process. This work centers around discovering the many patterns which evolve around the way you learned to deal with them. These may include ignoring fear and pain, avoiding, resisting or surrendering to them, letting yourself be limited by them.

With the improving body awareness you gain, step by step, the tools to initiate the desired changes.

You experience and learn to control new sensations and states on all levels – physically, emotionally, your way of thinking and perceiving. This enables you to discover alternatives in your patterns and behavior.

Thus, this work enables you to

  • reduce chronic pain by using your body differently
  • treat situations in a different manner and handle them with creativity
  • encounter and experience more new and unexpected – physically, emotionally, mentally.