About me

Born in Graz, Austria, I moved to Amsterdam in 1991 to study contemporary dance. Throughout my professional career as a modern dancer I searched for and practiced many ways of using the body, including Alexander-technique, Yoga, Tai Chi and Aikido, improvisation, contact-impro, Passive Relaxation, various sports among them climbing and diving.

After my encounter with the Grinberg method, I eventually decided to follow the professional studies to become a practitioner in 2003. I did the three years of study of the Grinberg method. I finished my final Training-program and some supervisions. However, I decided to not do my final supervision, due to my disagreement to certain developments within the organization.

In 2011 I encountered TRE (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises) by Dr David Berceli, and followed the training for certification.

In februray 2012 I graduated as a qualified practitioner of TRE – level 1.
In the summer of 2012 I started my training for level 2.

Besides the work in my center, I am teaching “body awareness” classes to film-actors, as well as being a staff-member of the curriculum to the Ma film-actors academy in Amsterdam. (http://www.ma-web.nl/opleidingen/creatieve-opleidingen/filmacteur.html)

My own development is ongoing, in many different fields of bodywork. These new gained experiences are continually integrated in my work with my clients.