About me

Born in Graz, Austria, I moved to Amsterdam in 1991 to study contemporary dance. Throughout my professional career as a modern dancer I searched for and practiced many ways of using the body, including Alexander-technique, Yoga, Tai Chi and Aikido, improvisation, contact-impro, Passive Relaxation, various sports among them climbing and diving.

After my encounter with the Grinberg method, I eventually decided to follow the professional studies to become a practitioner in 2003. I did the three years of study of the Grinberg method. I finished my final Training-program and some supervisions. However, I decided to not do my final supervision, due to my disagreement to certain developments within the organization.

In 2011 I encountered TRE (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises) by Dr David Berceli, and followed the training for certification. In februray 2012 I graduated as a qualified practitioner of TRE – level 1.

Besides the work in my center, I am teaching “body awareness” classes to film-actors, as well as being a staff-member of the curriculum to the Ma film-actors academy in Amsterdam. (http://www.ma-web.nl/opleidingen/creatieve-opleidingen/filmacteur.html)

Since 2017 I got involved with the circling community, and the practice intrigued so much that I followed several trainings to become a certified Circling facilitator.
It is a practice which influences me deeply and I do recommend it to anyone.

In 2019 I encountered the We-flow community with its integral intentional practices to gain joy, flow and persistent well-being. Again in my yearning for deepening I followed the We-flow Steward training in 2023. Their tools increased my toolbox incredibly and also brought me more joy and effortlessness in my work.

Since 2020 I’m offering workshops and monthly playgrounds as a way of passing on my knowledge and experiences. I’m super thrilled to see how people pick that up and make it their own. A 1-year course is in the make.

My own development is ongoing, in many different fields. These new gained experiences are continually integrated in my work with my clients.